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Warrantee & Return Policy

Warrantee: Limited one-year Warrantee:
Swampy Cooling Systems warrants, for one year from the date of the purchase, any of our products that do not perform satisfactorily due to defects caused by faulty material or workmanship. Our obligation assumed under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of parts, without charge, which are defective and which have not been misused, carelessly handled, or defaced by repairs made or attempted by others. Consequential Damages due to our products are not covered. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights, which vary from place to place. Parts under warrantee would be shipped freight free for the customer to install. Otherwise the complete product must be returned transportation prepaid, to the address of your nearest warrantee service. Call 480-897-1233 for warrantee problems or questions.

We have Thousands of Happy Customers around the World, however there is always the unexpected and we want everyone as satisfied as possible!

Read the following below for our Return Policy

When one of our Cooling Systems are returned they must be completely disassembled & many parts replaced as we never ship used Systems. This is the reason we are stringent with returns so please scan the following section with 4 ideas so that we can all be quite certain you will not be disappointed.

There are Four Main Reasons our Portable Cooling Systems are returned:
1. Portable Evaporative Cooling was expected to cool an AREA.
(Cooling an area is explained in #8 of our Frequently Asked Questions)
2. Lack of understanding about VENTILATION when using Evaporative Cooling.
(Evaporative Coolers must NOT re-circulate cooled air like an A/C)
3. They didn't think the "Ice" Model would really use as much ice as we said it could.
(Using the "Ice" models is explained in #4 of our Frequently Asked Questions)
4. When the VACATION or Trip is over and cooling is no longer needed.
(Easily explained by the Department Store Clerk that handles the Dress Returns after the Christmas Party)

We take pride in providing you a cooling system that works, not one that; just tells a good story, looks interesting, seems logical, sells cheap and doesn't do the job. Mass marketers sell by offering a liberal return policy knowing that you are stuck paying the freight out and the freight back, so for only 39.95 most buyers just won't bother returning it as they have already lost time, money & didn't solve their problem so they just throw it in the corner to wait for the next garage sale.

We do not send out worthless product as our cooling systems are complex and designed for years of trouble free service and most of all they really do cool like we say they will! Because of the complexity of our products we do not just dust off a returned product, repackage & ship it off to the next person.

Return Policy: Use the Cooler, according to the instructions, within three days of receiving it, unless you contact us for an reasonable few day extension. After you operate it for a few minutes you will be able to determine if it meets your expectations. If after operating the cooler you determine you need to return it call 480-897-1233, for return authorization before the three days lapse. A few people spoil things for the majority by demanding a return after their vacation is over (as of course they no longer need cooling) therefore the need for our three-day return policy.

We try our very best to explain what you might honestly expect before you order. If there is anything you do not understand about the return policy or effectiveness of our product(s) please call 480-897-1233 or e-mail us at e-mail questions before you order.

When we receive a returned product that has been operated only briefly we authorize the refund to your credit card as the product can be refurbished to new condition by; disassembly, changing pads, hoses, cleaning, inspecting, testing, new packaging, etc. There will be a refurbishing fee of 17% plus our shipping, handling and packaging costs. It is important to expedite the return of the product to the address provided when making the phone call for return authorization.

If the terms of our return policy are met then a refund to your credit card will be issued unless the product cannot be returned to new condition, which would be the case if it were used in a dusty environment like "off road" or has Pet or other odors or damage to the case. In these instances and others the Cooling System cannot be returned to new condition regardless of the extra labor time we expend. Please call 480-897-1233 or e-mail us at e-mail questions if you have any questions with the return policy before you order.

If you are not familiar with Evaporative Cooling please read how simple and effective this alternative to air conditioning can be.

Swampy 12-Volt Cooling Systemsare Proudly made in the USA

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