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Part # C - Optional AC/DC Power -- Qty-- AC/DC Convertor for MightyKool Models $29.00
Converts household 110/120-Volts to 12-Volts so that you can operate a MightyKool on Household Power.

Part # B - Optional 2 1/2 Gal. Kit --- Qty-
- Water Container Kit used with the MW1/MW2 $12.00 only
Keeps Water Level at half, which is Vital in a Moving Vehicle plus for Camping it Eliminates Waking up to Add Water at Night.

Part # P - Custom Cooling Pad Set - Qty-
- Cooling Pad Set of 2 for all Models $12.00
The Single Pad in a MightyKool should be changed Once or Twice every Season for the Coolest Air.

Part # F2 - Flex Hose 2 Hose Type - Qty--
- Flex Hose FH2 for MightyKool Models $47.00
Used mostly in Vehicle for Maximum Cooling or to Provide Cool air to Two Separate Areas at the same time.
Part # F4 - Flex Hose 4 Hose Type - Qty--
- Flex Hose FH4 for most MightyKool Models $137.00
Used mostly in Vehicle for Maximum Cooling or to Provide Cool air to Four Separate Areas at the same time.

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