Use a MightyKool on 12-Volts or 110-Volts with the optional AC/DC Converter to Cool you or your Pets in your Home, Office, Boat, RV, Golf Car, Van, Truck, etc.!

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The MW1 below is shown with the Optional Equipment:

The Water Kit part #WBK 1 1/2 Gallon size or WBKL 2 1/2 gallon size , plus the & AC/DC Converter part #ACD & Custom Filter Pad part #MWP
may be ordered your original order to save Shipping & Handling

This is not a MightyKool with a Headache!
This Collapsed 2 1/2 Gallon Container holds enough water, which will gravity feed into the MightyKool through the Float (which is standard in the MW1 & MW2 only) for up to 20 hours of cooling.

"I have had many cooling systems, however this is the smallest, most powerful versatile one ever! I only run one of my two a/c's in my motorhome as it keeps the other area comfortable! JL-Arizona"

By using the gravity feed system, through the float, you can extend the running time by as many hours as you have water available. The standard internal water capacity of the MW1 or MW2 is 1/2 gallon (1.9 liters). That will last approximately four to six hours at night and approximately two to three hours in the daytime without using the float & extra water supply.

The container illustrated in this picture is in the collapsed state. Fill the Water Kit Container with water and the MW1 or MW2 will cool for up to twenty hours without adding water.

We can furnish the Extended Water Kit Part #WBK, which includes everything you need for extended water use when you order. There is also no extra S&H charge when ordering at the same time you order the MightyKool. Of course you can make up your own extended water system as the float is standard equipment in the MightyKool MW1 & MW2 Models.

The AC/DC Converter operates most all of your 12-Volt products on 110-Volts! Just plug into any 110-volt power outlet at your home, office, camper, boat or small generator. This allows you to virtually use your MightyKool anywhere you have 110-volt or 12-volt current. The Model #ACD 4 Amp Converter is available with no extra S&H charge when ordering the MightyKool. This converter allows the MightyKool to operate on all three speeds and is also capable of running our regular Swampy Models on low speed!

The Custom designed Cooling Filter Pad is at the heart of the MW1 & MW2 performance and should be replaced when it is becomes too calcified to be washed out anymore after approximately 100 to 200 hours of use. When you find you need extra Pads in the future you may order them on line at any time, however you may wish to order a couple when you place your order for the MW1 or MW2 as you save about half price because there is no extra charge for Shipping & Handling with your original order. Custom Filter Pad Model #MWP packet contains two Custom cooling Filter Pads.

Using powerful Twin Brushless double ball bearing Motors this Models merely sips power while streaming cool crisp air where & when you need it. The Twin Motors have the capacity to produce over 220 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at a velocity of over 3,000 feet per minute with a noise level of 59 dBA on high speed.

Use the MightyKool in dry climates and you have cool crisp air streaming at you for 50 to 80 hours without recharging your Deep Cycle Battery. These Models will also operate efficiently on your Solar System, using only 10.8 to 19.2 watts on 12-volts!

The MightyKool Models use a Custom Cooling Pad System that allows elimination of the typical pump. This saves energy allowing the Models to be down sized while still maintaining the same powerful cool air that has always been associated with the Swampy Models.

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